Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Jungle tiger"-Chery RuiHu 1.6 L

Compared to the competitive car market, the city a bit quiet leisure SUV market, the recent listing of the new models very few, remain with the Honda CR-V and Tucson occupy high-end market, Tiggo is suitable to occupy the low-end machines market. ACTECO have a self-developed engine, the Chery company core technology a big step forward, for the "heart" moves are getting faster and faster, soon after the launch of A520 A516 to the market. But the SUV is also equipped with 1.6 L engine will not produce "small horse-drawn carts", and there are concerns of consumers, after all, most of the SUV is the minimum displacement of 2.0 L models. 1.6 L Tiggo the actual performance? We put the consumer first checks. High-speed stability, dynamic biased in favor of a smooth, hard acceleration when the slightly lagging behind.
Although the Swiss tiger minimum ground clearance is only 160 mm, compared to an ordinary family car, but still have good capacity. Uneven dirt road in the potholes when driving a SUV that we understand the kind of leisurely, slow down you can not gallop ahead, more rigid suspension so that we clearly feel the road bumps. Tiggo 1.6 L shift smoothly, to flexible, lightweight, and effortless as driving cars; seat good elasticity, so that occupants feel very relaxed, but the support for further strengthening the waist look even better; speed In the 80 km / h below the body manufacturing process to close the engine noise, wind noise and road noise effectively isolate, more than 100 km / h when it will hear the sound of the engine operation when the force; air conditioning cooling faster full of wind, in the case of partial load has little effect on the dynamics; Tiggo 1.6 L performance in these areas will enable consumers to experience the leisure car owned by SUV-like comfort. Sweden has a Tiger chassis sedan 1.6 L with 215 limited capabilities, nearly 1.4 t of curb weight, accurate steering and tenacious suspension to enable it to maintain good high speed stability, this characteristic and Rui Hu 2.0 L similar.

Buying a car should also consider "value"

Xinhua latest in a letter to buy a car for the consumer survey, price, fuel consumption, brand, configuration, appearance and power, a small car to buy the six most important factors to consider.
With oil prices rising, especially in Development and Reform Commission recently announced the 407 models of the combined consumption data, although this data is not reliable as a reference value (much of the media have questioned), and the actual fuel consumption data are still differ materially. However, total fuel consumption or consumer focus. A driving sense of people understand the extent of removing a car's fuel-efficient driving techniques and is closely related to subjective factors, but also by the weight of size, electric vehicle configuration, engine and road conditions and other objective factors. Fuel factors must be combined with other factors to consider in order to find the best fit cost and performance points.
Such as the Dongfeng Peugeot 206 1.6L and 7.1L Maxima with the fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers to the displacement of the first parallel, but opposed, these two models were only 1070kg vehicle quality and 1046kg. While the same for the 1.6L displacement of the BYD F3, Elantra, Excelle it more representative of the three models, all vehicle weight over 1200kg, the corresponding fuel consumption is also slightly more natural. In fact, the consumer's purchase of thinking, the vehicle weight is an often overlooked but it is very important indicators, vehicle weight will affect the driving stability and security, In addition, people who take the experience to understand, it is "Shen" in the car ride comfort is very obvious.

The perfect choice to buying car of well-off family

Li Wei is equipped with Nissan's new all-aluminum 1.6-liter HR16DE engine, lightweight aluminum alloy with air technology, racing wear really low-level processing technology circle diameter, torque, power, fuel economy, the three reached the best match .
Crankshaft design using Offset, compared with the crankshaft axis, the axial center of the cylinder bore before the shift 8MM, at least reduce piston friction, the power output even more powerful, more fuel-efficient at the same time.
The high rate of clean fuel and the special environmental design to ensure the leading position in environmental protection, Li Wei of the car features than ever before, more full-time home energy use. Regardless of the business carried, business reception or enjoyment of life, Li Wei round to meet your need. Li Wei has spacious and comfortable interior trunk environment. Meet the Euro IV emission standards.
Large luggage space, the volume up to 383L, large size if not brought down the rear luggage compartment, with the dexterity to adjust the back seat, but also freely adjusted to 1548L, a variety of luggage, goods can freely load the opposite sex.

BMW 650i, speed and costly perfect union

BMW 6 Series was born in 1976, to 1989 when the cut-off, produced a total of more than 80,000 vehicles, the BMW has contributed to the history of the role. 14 years later, in 2003, when BMW decided to revive 6-series, the legendary luxury sports car to meet again with the world.
Perhaps someone on the "speed" and "luxury" that disagree with the words, but is appropriately placed on the BMW 650i. Think about it, 4.8-liter V8 engine, maximum power 270 kW / 367 hp and maximum torque of 490 Newton meters. Almost all engine-related parameters can be adjusted continuously, such as valve timing (double VANOS), valve lift and intake manifold length to ensure the engine under various operating conditions and performance are the best .
6-speed automatic transmission coupled with the perfect combination, the BMW 650i convertible car driving performance even in sport utility vehicles are also rare 0-100 km every rival acceleration as long as 5.7 seconds, electronically limited top speed after the 250 km / hour.
As a convertible car, only to bring the passion to enjoy the speed is not enough, luxury, will inevitably be part of the BMW 650i. Luxury but also in the interior, the BMW 650i is very fine selection of car parts, uses high quality leather, wood or metal, fine processing, even with the use of materials and color contrast are also taken great pains to create a car that environment, both luxurious and bright, and functions, which makes the appearance of internal characteristics of style and to achieve the perfect unity.

Card Laura become mainstream of car market

Corolla shape ingenuity, and increased track, and using wide tires, so that the same level of vehicle width beyond conventional compact car design, showing a trend-setting overlooking the wide-body vehicle with low pattern of movement, in contrast, much younger nowadays advocates the pursuit of fashion.
 Approached the car, fingers along the lower edge of the front window to the front fender forward exploration, after the walk to the roof again, suddenly found that the level of three-dimensional surface modeling side of the car out of that interpretation may be worthy of the next scene is comparable to BMW, LEXUS senior texture; side of the rear with a new design "Sweep Cut Pillar" (after the car stereo stream line column) after the body lines, showing a vigorous movement; smooth flow of the rear C-pillar smoothly, amplified length body, the large space of design.
As a global best-selling 40-year, cumulative sales of 32 million units of the best cars, the design of the tenth generation Corolla COROLLA everywhere highlight human care, to ensure that car owners driving the most comfortable position: Optimizing the steering wheel angle settings to achieve a comfortable sense of control; using the new seat design, brings excellent package and comfort; choose the best thickness of the A pillar to ensure that the front oblique view.
Space more comfortable driving the car. Optimization of the crew head to the roof of a sense of space, front row, even if the height of 190cm who can easily seat; the back seat floor level of implementation, the central channel height of only 30mm, to ensure a comfortable space between passengers; 900mm equivalent cars in the top front and rear spacing, so that rear passengers more leg room for the activities of more than enough.

The "bully" of future narrow road

Toyota MTRC many people as the future of the city Street Fighter. The car has three unique offerings of Toyota technology, namely the Toyota F1 car from the experience and the most advanced four-wheel drive repairer technology. In addition to its capability to cope with the track, but also can deal with narrow roads and rugged off-road.
The car is equipped with an electronic suspension system, the system can detect the road conditions in real time, it may adjust the ride height and suspension settings. Its power from the fuel cell drive, there is no pollution.
The greatest feature of this car is that it's driving style. Inside the cockpit in the MTRC, the steering wheel and pedals can not see objectively existing device drivers to wear virtual reality helmets, by hand driving. The helmet of the screen will display real-time road surface temperature, tire condition, speed and other information necessary to drive a bit like playing a game, but the safety factor is high.

The most suitable for drive travel family car

If the economic conditions and the time allowed, then either Mazda 6 Wagon, or Excelle travel section is a good choice. Most of the time available to spend in the city for work in the family is concerned, a bit with "Nanjin the only" feeling, after all, several times a year coming to an end, it was only two golden weeks, let alone about 20 million price for the average family is spending a small fortune. Based on this, "family travel dual-use" of a car is becoming a trend, more and more new models are beginning to focus on practicality and environmental adaptability, of which, the listing of the year, the highest sales in a single model 50000 break the 1.6L BYD f3 represented.
Family car for long trips, in addition to appearance, but also consider the need to focus on the following three aspects: First, the stability of power output; followed by the fuel consumption of the economy; the last is the driving comfort and safety. BYD F3's performance in these areas are worth noting.
Dynamic aspects, f3 with a mature Mitsubishi engine, the maximum power 73.5kW (6 000r/min), maximum torque of 134N · m, together with Delphi's MT20U engine management system, stable power output can meet the general traveling road, and the Mitsubishi mature technology ensures high efficiency oil, according to the actual fuel consumption test data many times, and its fuel consumption is generally 6.9L / hundred kilometers floating around. Of course, if the destination is a dangerous slope Gobi, for 1.6l power f3, somewhat reluctantly out.